The HSMM Mining Company Limited is engaged in exploration, mapping and surveying of iron ore and other precious metals in Lao P.D.R, one of the most resource-rich countries in Asia. Some of the 570 minerals identified so far include gold, copper, zinc and lead.

HSMM Mining Co. Ltd. has projects in Muang Mo, XiengKhouang Province. This project is 100% owned and managed by HSMM Mining Co. Ltd.

Initial explorations have returned samples of FeO with over 62% concentration of iron. Deposits are estimated to be between 10 – 30 million tons depending on the depth of mineralization.

The mine site is located in the Annamite Region. It starts in Laos and spreads all the way to Central Vietnam and Northeast Cambodia. The mine site covers an area of about 192.7 sq.kms.

The road system that offers access to the area is mainly new, and several roads are still under construction. The road network has a hilly portion of about 50 kms.

The area has access to two ports: VungAng Sea Port in Ha Tinh Province, Central Vietnam and Cua Lo Sea Port, Vinh City in Central Vietnam.

One of the biggest consumers of iron ore is the emerging new facility of Formosa Ha Tinh Steel Corp in Ha Tinh Province, Vietnam. It requires 11 million tons and 32 million tons of ore in its phase one and two manufacturing schedules respectively. Ha Tinh Steel Corp imports 90% of its iron ore requirements.