HSMM Fragrance Co. Ltd., which was incorporated in 2014, is in the process of establishing a perfume factory in Vientiane. Officials said production has started and the launch is scheduled in the mid part of 2017.

The company would cater to a rising demand for perfumes in Lao P.D.R in line with the expected growth in cosmetics and personal care industry. Perfumes have become essential today because of heightened importance on personal appearance and grooming.

The perfume industry has predicted to reach a value of about $45.6 billion by 2018. The market is set to benefit from growing trend towards consumer urbanization and higher spending tendency.

Perfumes are no longer an extravagant grooming accessory. It offers a “feel good” factor, which complements the consumer’s need for expressing personal style. It has also become a way of promoting an individuals unique characteristics.

Agarwood perfumes have a special appeal to people because of its deep religious and cultural significance. It is known for its mystic scent and “ambiance” which is lacking in other perfumes. Users said you could sense the agarwood perfume.

Most perfumes in the market use synthetic components for producing Agarwood fragrance. The HSMM brand is known worldwide for using high quality agarwood oil for producing exquisite natural agarwood perfume.

HSMM Fragrance Co. Ltd. is the first perfume manufacturing company to be established in Lao P.D.R. It will cater mainly to consumers in the country, but it would also export its products to the ASEAN, Middle East, Russia and South Africa.