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A Twofold Goal

The HSMM Group of Companies is the 2nd largest Indian Foreign Direct Investment group of companies based in Lao P.D.R established in year 1998. The conglomerate has investments in agarwood oil extraction facilities, agarwood plantations, mining, Information Technology, perfume and fragrances and agarwood trading. It has mining concessions in Muang Mo, XiengKhouang Province. It has stake interest in Line Of Credit (LOC) projects in Lao PDR funded by the Government of India. It is already working in partnership with an Indian Company on an Irrigation Project for Department of Irrigation, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of Lao PDR funded by Line of Credit from Grovernment of India.

HSMM Group of Companies

Lao Agar International Development Co Ltd

The first multinational company in the Lao PDR, incorporated in 1998, is a joint venture with the Lao Government. The company has 200,000 trees in its plantations, with 45 boilers/distillers at its Vientiane factory. <<read more>>

HS International Sole Co Ltd

HSINTL was established in Ban Tongkhoun, Xaisomboun Province, Lao P.D.R to complement L.A.I.D. and boost agarwood production of HSMM Group of Companies. The combined production of the two companies has made  HSMM Group of Companies the largest agarwood enterprise in Southeast Asia. <<read more>>

HSMM Fragrance Co Ltd

HSMM Fragrance Co. Ltd., which was incorporated in 2014, is in the process of establishing a perfume factory in Vientiane. Officials said production has started and the launch is scheduled in the mid part of 2017. <<read more>>

HSMM Mining Co Ltd

The HSMM Mining Company Limited is engaged in exploration, mapping and surveying of iron ore and other precious metals in Lao P.D.R, one of the most resource-rich countries in Asia. Some of the 570 minerals identified so far include gold, copper, zinc and lead.<<read more>>

HSMM TransV Technology Sole Co. Ltd.

 HSMM TransV Technology Sole Co. Ltd. is a joint venture between the HSMM Group of Companies and Trans Virtual Pvt Ltd. The company will work on IT Projects in both government and private domains <<read more>>

Management Team

Mr. Habib Mohammed Chowdhury embarked on a new course for HSMM Group of Companies when he moved his Agarwood trading business from Dubai to Lao P.D.R. in 1998. His decision was a historical landmark for the company. Since its providential transfer, the company has reaped the benefits of a successful journey to the top of the Agarwood business in Southeast Asia.  read more

Mr. Habib Mohammed Chowdhury

Mr. Habib Mohammed ChowdhuryFounder, Chairman & Managing Director of HSMM Group of Companies

Mr. Soukthavy Chowdhury (Sadik) Joined the HSMM Group of Companies on 2002. His zeal for learning, hard work and dedication rewarded him well and helped him to climb the corporate ladder fast. In a small time span he made his mark by becoming the Vice Chairman of the HSMM Group of Companies. read more

Mr. Soukthavy Chowdhury (Sadik)

Mr. Soukthavy Chowdhury (Sadik)Vice Chairman of HSMM Group of Companies

News & Updates

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